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"This was our first time buying a home in Northern Virginia and we were ready for a stressful process. Through Ally's expertise, we had a smooth and fantastic buying experience. We were overseas when we began looking and she was very responsive, despite the time difference. Once we arrived, she was ready to give us her full attention. She has a lot of knowledge on construction and the area, which was extremely helpful in evaluating the houses for sale. Although she provided advice when we needed it, she never pressured us to buy. That was huge for me! Also, she is one of the best negotiators I have EVER met. You definitely want her on your side."

"From the beginning of our home search to the very end, Ally was completely patient and knowledgeable with us. Any issue that we came across, she was able to diffuse because of her extensive knowledge of the area and even the VA buying process. While this is the third house I have purchased over a 15 year period, this process was the smoothest I’ve ever experienced and I attribute it to Ally walking us through the home search and buying process every step of the way. Hands down, I would refer her to ANYONE. I will also be hiring her again when it’s time to sell or rent my property. We trust her advice and experience completely!"

"Ally and her team made the entire selling and purchase process far easier than I could ever expect. She was always available and quick to respond back to any questions or concerns that we had. Her recommendations were on point and allowed us to sell our home for much more than we had originally anticipated and at no point insisted on certain updates to be done, but based her recommendations on what our target value was, the neighborhood, and our budget. She was also available when we purchased a new construction and went out of her way to review our contract with the builder and guide us through the purchase process as well. Her professionalism, experience, and attitude resulted in one of the biggest life decisions to be a straightforward and seamless process."

"Many years ago Ally's real estate mother, Sheila, helped us sell and buy a home. Sheila was exemplary, so when my wife's mother passed, we naturally thought of her daughter, Ally. Ally faced a situation which required empathy, tact, and patience because my wife had a recurrence of cancer some months later and we had to delay putting the house on the house until my wife was able to sort through and remove her mother's possessions so that repairs and renovations recommended by Ally could be made. The house was put on the market this spring. Unfortunately, my wife passed away before the house sold and settled within one month in July. Throughout this period Ally not only demonstrated great patience but also the level of trustworthiness and communication you normally expect from a family member or close friend. Throughout Ally was thoroughly professional, helping with evaluating offers and doing a great job in negotiating counteroffers and the final offer."

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Alexandria, VA 22315


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